February 8, 2016…….



Belly is very happy to announce that we will be reuniting to play some shows this coming summer in the US and the UK.  Dates will be announced as they are confirmed, but right now we can tell you with relative confidence that the UK shows will fall in the middle of July, and US shows will be scattered throughout August and possibly into September.

We’ve also got a handful of brand new Belly songs in various stages of writing and recording, that we’ll be releasing one by one over the next few months.  First previews will be here on the website.

In the meantime…  new swag (US hereUK/Euro here)!  We’ve got a couple beautiful new t’s and other extras designed by Chris Gorman, with more to come.

Please keep checking this site (and while you’re at it, sign up for our mailing list, as we will be updating it regularly with news and information and music.

We are very excited to be playing together again, and hope to see you out there in Summer of 2016!


  1. This just made my Day! We have missed you guys! Make sure to swing by the Detroit area.

    I hope the tour is a big success and you all have a wonderful time!

  2. Very cool! Swing by Boise, ID and float the river. Be warned though, it’s a damn cold river. Have fun!

  3. Belly Triva….. first gig ever played as Belly…….Church House Inn Providence Ri… if my memory serves me right… I was the owner of the club… and my memory is foggy…if i remember the club was used for rehearsals also…. Being a former club owner and dreading the words/nightmare/headache called the Guest List ..i would never…… I would however if a Providence show is played like to reserve an insist on paying for a block of tickets .. and maybe get a reunion of former Church House Inn- Loser Bar Employee/Band members of Backwash Burr Mckenna Jones Sullivan along with Slice Ty Jesso and a couple other important people who are a part of really a great time in my life… Thanks Belly… Victor Brown…

  4. Actually, the first ever gig was at a place in Newport called 3’s. But the Church House show was a great early one, too!

  5. OMG I got chills when I heard the news! Please come to Denver!! 20+ years later and I still have Star and King on my iPhone. I love u guys!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, thank you!! This is so exciting!! Like the last person said, fingers crossed you’ll have a show in Denver/out west.

    Thank you again!!
    Huge-Belly-fan, native-Newporter-now-living-in-UT.

  7. Great gig at the iconic ‘Leadmill’, Sheffield, UK, mid-nineties, would be greater still
    if you played there again!

  8. Philadelphia! Where I first saw you when you opened for Radiohead in 1993? So happy to hear the band is back! Your fans have MISSED you!!!

  9. I am so happy. I have been googling ‘Belly Reunion’ pretty much every day for the last few years, finally something actually came up!:)

  10. Yes, please come to Philly!

    Friday, May 13, 1995 was too long ago! Gail, thank you so much for getting me (sneaking me) into that show at the TLA!

    Cannot wait for the summer!!

  11. The Starland ballroom or the Stone Pony, in New Jersey, would be a great venue. Plus I would get to take my kid who would be very disappointed if my wife and I went without him. The Bowery site says 21 and over:((.

  12. Used to work at Def American records and we’d crank Star through the floor – Rick would headbang to it whenever he walked in and it was on. Come get some waves again in L.A. or SB!!!

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