Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


From the first note of the first rehearsal, to the last note of the last song of the final show in Minneapolis on Sunday, the 2016 Belly Reunion Tour was an absolute blast, far, far exceeding our hopes and expectations.  Every single show was fantastic, and at every step, in every way, we got back every bit of what we gave, and more.

A gigantic ‘thank you’ to everyone who came out to a show- this tour really, truly was something special, and sharing it with such enthusiastic, devoted and wonderful people was beyond words.  We were regularly rendered speechless and teary-eyed by it all, realizing how much Belly’s music has meant to so many of you, while rediscovering how much playing this music together meant to each of us.

Very special thanks to everyone ‘behind the scenes’ who helped make it happen: Sergio Maschetzko, who did sound in the UK/IRL; John Overstreet and Brian Brown who did sound in the US; Petr Hlavacek who drove and handled merch in the UK/IRL; Chil Mott who helped with everything in the UK/IRL;  Concerted Efforts (US booking) and  X-Ray Touring (UK/IRL booking); Chris Bigg and 4AD; the staff and crew at all the great venues where we performed; the promoters in each city we played; Nomads of Prague for tour vehicle and backline in the UK/IRL; SIR and Total Music Services for US backline rentals; DW for drum support: Jay Walsh (of The Douglas Fir), Adam Hanson (Patriarch Guitars) and Matt Pynn for lending us acoustic and back-up guitars at various points on the tour; the crews at Kontraband and JSR for t-shirts and merch; Kayrock for poster printing; our spouses/partners, kids, and the rest of our families for allowing us to hit the road and for all their love and support along the way (especially Richard Donelly for spending some time behind the wheel!), and, of course, Bear Bear and Maurice…..

And finally, an extra ‘thank you’ to all the loveably obsessive, gluttons-for-awesome nut-cases that inhabit the Shimmer Facebook group!

Love & Gratitude,




photo: vinh le