Happy New Year!

In spite of 2016’s overall tenor on many fronts being sad, frustrating, ominous and depressing, the Belly reunion tour was an unqualified success, and we sincerely and gratefully thank everyone who came out for making the shows very, very special events (…not to mention some of the most fun we’ve ever had)!  We truly didn’t know what to expect- from initially getting together in a room to relearn and rehearse, to stepping on stage and playing live as a band for the first time in twenty-plus years- but from the start it was a near blinding-bright, joyous light in what otherwise feels like rather dark times.  The power of music and art to generate happiness and connection was, and is, undeniable, and it was a beautiful thing to be a part of with all of you.  So…. goodbye to 2016 and thank you for being there with us, and welcome to 2017, which we aim to do our part in making a better year.  Maybe we’ll be fiddling while Rome burns….. or maybe we’ll be providing a little bit of the soundtrack to a revolution!