Thank you, Philadelphia, for wrapping up our East Coast run with us at the beautiful Union Transfer!  Fantastic crowd, fantastic venue, fantastic show!  These runs may be short, but they’ve been so, so incredibly sweet- we’re thrilled beyond words to be playing for such wonderful audiences!

Next stop, Los Angeles- see you in a week!


Thank you Boston for 2 truly fantastic, home-town nights at the Royale!  Incredible to look out at a sea of such smiling faces (and some occasional tears….)!  It is impossible to adequately express how touching and how much fun these shows have been.  See you in DC at the 930 tonight!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 9.06.43 AM

NYC…. 1 down, 1 to go!  Thanks to everyone who came out and made this half-hometown gig truly great!  We had a blast and it looked like you all did too.  Back up there at Bowery Ballroom again tonight for round 2!


photo- paul petzy


We regret that we’ve had to cancel the live-acoustic Radio BDC session planned for Aug 12th.  This time around Belly is very much a DIY operation, and we’ve realized that trying to shoehorn this appearance into an already very tight schedule is just too much to pull off.  But we very much look forward to playing and seeing everyone that night at Royale!


A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone in the UK and Ireland that made the first leg of our reunion tour such a huge success.  The incredible amount of love and enthusiasm quite literally brought tears to our eyes- it was all so, so far beyond expectations!  And the irrepressible expressions of how much Belly’s music has meant to so many, even after twenty-plus years away, has left us with buzzing heads and swelling hearts.  It was short, but very sweet, and has truly been a fantastic experience.

And an equally tremendous THANK YOU again to our great crew of Sergio Maschetzko, Petr Hlavacek and Chil Mott.  You guys worked with grace under pressure, keeping everyone safe, sounding great and having fun!

Next stop, Boston….!