We regret that we’ve had to cancel the live-acoustic Radio BDC session planned for Aug 12th.  This time around Belly is very much a DIY operation, and we’ve realized that trying to shoehorn this appearance into an already very tight schedule is just too much to pull off.  But we very much look forward to playing and seeing everyone that night at Royale!


A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone in the UK and Ireland that made the first leg of our reunion tour such a huge success.  The incredible amount of love and enthusiasm quite literally brought tears to our eyes- it was all so, so far beyond expectations!  And the irrepressible expressions of how much Belly’s music has meant to so many, even after twenty-plus years away, has left us with buzzing heads and swelling hearts.  It was short, but very sweet, and has truly been a fantastic experience.

And an equally tremendous THANK YOU again to our great crew of Sergio Maschetzko, Petr Hlavacek and Chil Mott.  You guys worked with grace under pressure, keeping everyone safe, sounding great and having fun!

Next stop, Boston….!


Thank you Dublin for a glorious capping-off of our tour of ‘the Isles!’  We may have started last night a bit slowly, and with some technical quirks, but you all stayed with us and the full-house, full-throated participation on Full Moon, Empty Heart pushed us through to a second set that was full-steam!  You were amazing!  We did have another song for you, but alas we hit the venue’s hard curfew (something about a late-night ‘circus’ on Saturdays…?), so Dublin, we owe you one!  Thank you, thank you so much!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.24.33 AM
Thank you LONDON!  Back in the day there always seemed to be a bit of a curse on our London shows- lots of pressure, usually either the first or last show of the tour, suffering fatigue or jet-lagged, etc. etc., and we often felt things weren’t quite what we’d hoped they’d be.  It sure seems like last night absolutely smashed that curse!  Looking out at a sea of happy faces singing along to Super-Connected, or so many bodies bouncing to Feed the Tree….. It was stunning!  Thank you, thank you!


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.43.51 AM

Thank you Bristol!  At risk of sounding like a broken record…. what a great gig!  Every one of the shows thus far has been truly great, each in its own way, and so much of it has to do with the audiences.  When we decided we were going to do this, we decided to keep it all as DIY as possible- just a band playing songs.  It’s stripped to its essence, with very little crew*, no production, no lights….  It’s been hard work, there’ve been a couple technical hiccups, but its been absolutely the right way for us to do this.  What we’re getting from all of you who have come to see us has been phenomenal and priceless.  Thank you, thank you!

See you in London tonight!

*and what an ace crew it is- thank you Sergio, Petr and Chil!